Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Project Research

5 Years From Now ...

As we merge into our final writing assignment - the dreaded Research Paper (cue scary background music), we must first consider where we've been this semester:

Narrative Exploration of first Ambitions

Applications & Cover Letter for our Dream Jobs

Argument Analysis within our Passion Fields

And now ...

For this last assignment, it's time we took all these passions of ours and looked deep within our chosen fields to identify our own place.  In every field, (I promise) there will always be problems that demand solutions.  At this very moment while you're sitting in the classroom completing your college education, the people currently in play in whatever field you hope to enter are identifying and solving problems to make the future brighter. 

Your job?  Join that conversation!

Take a look at the field you hope to one day enter.  Where do you see a potential problem?  Or where do you see an area within that isn't being addressed?  For this paper, show us that passion of yours in action.  Identify a problem in  your field and propose a solution. 

For next week's class, I want you to start thinking about possible problems.  Start a blog post that lists these.  As you get further, start noting the specifics of these problems and the potential solutions that you may or may not propose in your actual paper. 

Once you are finished with this post, share it with your classmates and respond to their posts.  Choosing a topic is hard work - help each other out!


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