Friday, May 6, 2011

The Old Guy

The Meeting: After countless failed relationships with guys my own age, when I met “The Old Guy,” I thought- hey, why not? I was approaching the end of my undergrad years when I met this guy at the bar, where he held regular status. On a side note, meeting guys at places I work under no circumstances ever works out; one would think I would have learned my lesson by now-oh, well.

Memorable Moments: This guy shared my love of baseball, and for my birthday he flew me first class to Philadelphia to see my Phillies defeat the Cincinnati Reds in a 4-game sweep.

Pros: Aside from baseball, “old guy” also shared my deep fervor for books, Quentin Tarantino films, organic food, and Guinness by the pint.

Cons: Think about it-old guy falls for 23 year old girl. How cliché can we go here? I may have landed an older guy complete with interesting conversation and his undivided attention but I had done so by means of walking into the crosshairs of a mid-life crisis. When he wasn’t pounding protein shakes and participating in two-a-days at the gym, he was practicing his new hobby of Tae Kwon Do. This meant two things: 1. Every time we went out he wanted to demonstrate his TKD skills with high kicks aimed at his guy friends, over and over again. His idea of flexibility=my idea of humiliation. 2. There was no chance of walking by a mirror/window without this guy checking himself out: flexing, turning from side to side…you get the picture.

Raw Score: 3/10. Got to give this guy some credit. He did spoil me in unimaginable ways, so why the low score? Did I mention the relationship ended post one interesting evening involving my walking in on “The Old Guy” in bed with one former friend? Former friend who happened to be 24. Imagine that.

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